Frequently Asked Questions

What is Refacing?

Refacing is simply the process of covering over existing kitchen cabinets with our exclusive peel and stick vinyl that is manufactured in house and an exact match of the doors. No laminates that have to be routered with all that dust, and no smelly Contact Cement! All exposed exterior surfaces are covered in the new color. New doors and drawer fronts are made in Wood or Thermofoil, all with new Blum euro style hidden hinges. Many different styles of doors are available.

Why would I want to reface instead of buying new?

Saves money! By re-using your existing kitchen cabinets you can save up to 50% or more over the cost of equivalent new cabinets.

Better quality and looks! In many cases, existing cabinets are better quality than new ones. Also, new cabinets are bought individually and put up one at a time, leaving seams in-between cabinets. When cabinets are resurfaced, the process often provides a cleaner custom look than new cabinets can.

Selection! We offer a wide selection of colors and styles in our wood doors. We have the latest styles in Thermofoil doors. This is a one piece door that comes in a raised panel look or flat with radius corners. These doors have replaced painted doors, as they will not chip, scratch or fade over time. Refacing is not just limited to kitchens. We also reface bathroom vanities and wall units. All our work is warranted on materials and labour.

How is the process done?

Initially we meet with you to select door style and color and any modifications you may need, then we order the doors etc, when we return we remove existing cabinet doors and drawers fronts. If there are any modifications in the cabinet layout like adding new cabinets it is done now. Then, the cabinets are cleaned and prepared in place. Sides and faces are applied to the old surface using our plant manufactured PSA (peel and stick Thermofoil) matching the exact color and material or grain of the doors. Lastly, the new doors and drawer fronts are installed with the new hardware. We use the finest all metal European hidden hinges and euroglides for the drawers.

What you need to do before we start the job?

Before starting all we ask is simply empty out the drawers, clear the front portion of the cabinets around the hinge area and clear off the countertops.

What can I do if I am getting new appliances that don’t fit the existing space or the layout needs to be changed?

Prior to refacing, we can add or subtract to the cabinets to alter the openings. We can also add new cabinets to change the layout to make the kitchen easier to use. One thing we do most often is to replace defective drawers in wood or laminate with euroglides. We use only the finest hardware for your job. We also can add pull-out shelves, garbage pull-out baskets, and much more.

What if I have more questions?

Call us! We will be glad to answer any questions you have. We can provide referrals if you like. We give free estimates with no high pressure sales. Call us at (604)306-7625

FREE ESTIMATES: Schedule an appointment with us for an in-home quote. We will bring samples of all the different styles of doors to help you decide which look would be best for your home. After accepting our firm price quote, you can have your new kitchen in as little as 2 to 4 weeks!


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